Long Hair Chihuahua Grooming

Chihuahua dogs are so cute, they are hard to resist. No matter what color combination, it’s hard not to love the silky coat on a long haired Chi.

However,  grooming is a bit more complicated than that of their short hair counterparts. If their coats are neglected they can develop mats or tangles, and neither  of you want that.

The best way to take care of your long-haired dog is to decide to follow a regular maintenance routine which includes: Brushing: Long-hair Chiwawa dogs don’t necessarily shed more than their short-haired friends, but it may feel like it.  However, they do have long strands of hair. This hair is much easier to see on your clothes or the furniture. Especially if you have a lighter Chiwawa. You can keep shedding under control with frequent brushing. A weekly brushing routine will help your dog rid itself of any loose or excess fur before it ends up on your couch, or you!  And when shedding does get the better of you, this little gizmo works great.  We love it. It’s cheap and it works!

Long Hair Chihuahua

Shampooing: You may be tempted to think that due to its long hair, you should bathe your dog more frequently. Actually, for best results, the ASPCA recommends that you bathe your dog only about once every three months! We bathe our dogs about once a month in the spring and less during the winter. And not before your dog is at least about 4-5 months old. A bath helps remove irritants to her skin, but too many baths can remove all the natural oils that your dog needs for her coat to shine. Use a gentle dog or baby shampoo and warm water. If you begin bathing your Chi when it is a puppy, they actually take a liking to their bath time because it is so warm!  Chihuahua dogs seek heat! A helpful tip is to also use a conditioner to deal with tangles. Rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry thoroughly or blow dry on low heat if needed.

Healthy Diet: As far as food is concerned, the Chihuahua dog in general has a sensitive digestive tract, and they don’t really enjoy when you change their food. Also, their teeth are tiny in size. When preparing food for your pet, you need to shred it into small pieces or at least purchase a small dog size food. This is done to ease up the chewing and digestion process.  Chihuahuas tend to need their teeth cleaned more than other dogs.  If you provide chew treats for small dogs, it can help keep their teeth in great shape.  We like the natural ones. For a puppy, the ideal feeding frequency would be two to three meals a day. Your puppy can tend to develop low blood sugar is they go without food for to long. Make sure that you only put out fresh food for your new baby. It is easy for a puppy to become sick from food contamination. The dog should also have consistent supply of fresh water so that it can drink to keep its body hydrated. Just go easy on the snacks, even if your doggie is begging.  Chi’s can gain and show excess weight very easily.

Long hair Chihuahua grooming doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little effort and time you will be the proud owner of a healthy dog with a shiny coat.  Now who wouldn’t be proud of that?

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