The Pocket Chihuahua

The idea of taking your tiny, warm pocket chihuahua along with you as your run your errands is hard to resist. And most of us Chihuahua owners have done it many times. I have quite the collection of doggie travel bags, from airline bags to rigged out, fur-lined purses. Comfort was never spared for my little blue chihuahua, Rockie.

However, recently I was getting my hair done at a salon and there was a gal there with a tiny chihuahua in her bag. Maybe 9 or 10 weeks old. She was there for over 2 hours and the entire time she was there the chihuahua was either being held, passed around to other customers or in her purse. I never once saw her give the dog a drink of water, let alone a bit of food. I never saw her allow the dog down to walk or take it outside to relieve itself. This type of dog owner makes me angry, and it got me thinking about all the pocket chihuahuas out there who are being mistreated in this way.

Yes, it’s fun to take our fur babies out and about. They are adorable and we want to keep them with us, safe and sound. But it’s critical to remember that they are dogs. They need exercise and they need to be allowed the freedom to walk around and play. They must have frequent drinks of water and puppies that young need to be eating every few hours – or they will become and weak and may die. Also, they need to be allowed to sleep – soundly – without being held all the time, in their bed or pen or someplace quiet where they aren’t being disturbed or passed around.

I always carried a small collapsable cup and a bottle of water as well as a small bag of tiny dog food whenever I took Rockie on chihuahua adventures. I’m sure most of the chihuahua owners reading this do likewise…but for those who don’t ….please, please allow your baby to be a dog. Socialize it with other chihuahuas and take it to the dog park so it can run around and bark freely.

Your dog will be happier and healthier. And ultimately this makes them a much better pet and travel companion for you in the long run.

Love your Chihuahua!

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