Blue Teacup Chihuahua

Over the past few years Chihuahuas, particularly the type with the nickname of the Teacup Chihuahua, have shown an amazing growth in popularity. Many people have a keen interest in these cute little guys. The Chihuahua breed is the smallest of the toy breeds and it looks like a puppy all it’s life. This makes a lot of people fascinated by them. If you are on of them, here are a few facts about the so-called “Teacup” Chihuahua dog and it’s traits and temperament, as well as a few pictures of Blue Teacup Chihuahuas.

Firstly however, you should know that the “Teacup” Chihuahua is not really a specific breed. In reality these mini dogs are actually the ones that never reached the ideal body weight of a normal Chi or were puppies that were specifically bred to be that small. Some unprofessional breeders may try to have you believe otherwise, and pay much more for a “teacup”, but actually, it is only a nickname. So buyer beware.

If you have your heart set on buying one (as opposed to obtaining one through a Chihuahua rescue organization) it’s always beneficial to do your research and find a reputable breeder, not just seller you might find in the classifieds who may be underfeeding puppies in an effort to keep them “teacup” sized. While some sellers may be honest and genuinely concerned about the health of your puppy and your purchase, many others are more interested in selling potentially ill dogs to unsuspecting families. One last point on “teacup” Chi’s. Some people think that if both parents of the puppy are both “teacup” sizes, then the puppy will be as well. It’s possible, however, there is no guarantee that those pups will be that small as well. It’s a gamble.

blue and white chihuahua puppy2

Chihuahua dogs are lively and energetic and generally a sturdy dog, even though they are so small. They do have a few health issues consistent with the breed and it’s a good idea to be educated on any possible health issues that may occur. Do to there small size, Chihuahuas can become dehydrated very easily. Especially young pups. Common sense dictates that you must ensure they always have clean, fresh water available 24 hours a day. I always make it easy on my Chi’s and have water in all the rooms I allow my dogs access to, especially if they are still puppies. They can also fall prey to low blood sugar very easily. This is mainly an issue for the pups again, so having small amounts of food available, or this special product to keep their blood sugar up when they are young is a good idea – especially if you have your dog with you on a trip or outing.  This

New puppy owners may be surprised on day to hear their little dog making a sound that is reminiscent of a barking seal. This “honking” sound is a symptom of a very common issue for small dogs called a “collapsing trachea”. It is usually not a serious condition, although in some dogs it can become life threatening. In our dogs case, he usually “honked” when he got too excited, and simply calming him down was the key to minimizing any distress. However, since you should always have any puppy evaluated by a good veterinarian, that would be a great time to ask their opinion. They can fully guide a new owner on what to look for and how to treat this condition, should it arise.

While all these warnings may sound dubious, the reality of having a new Chihuahua is a wonderful event for a well prepared household. With a lot of care and bit of wariness, you will make this an easy transition for your new teacup.

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