Housebreaking A Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua pups! What could possibly be more adorable? They’re tiny and really so cute!

How can you possibly housebreak a puppy that’s this little? Let’s take a look at how easy housebreaking a chihuahua puppy can be. Chiwawa dogs really, really hate going outside to do poop and pee during anything but warm, bright days – keep this in mind.   And, if it’s raining….it’s even more challenging.  That being said,  crate training training is the way to go.

Your pup’s crate should be big enough for the full grown dog sit to stand and stretch out. Considering it’s for a Chi, that’s still  not that big.   The goal here will be to teach your new pup that they do not mess where they eat and sleep. Ideally, you are going to put the crate in a place where you’ll spend the most time. Your chiwawa is a pack animal, and he has to feel part of your family tasks. There are mobile pens which are a cinch to move with you from room to room.  Although it may seem like added work to move the pen from room to room,  your dog will soon be well balanced and want to please YOU, his pack leader.

Blue Chihuahua Standing

After making the crate comfy, enclose the pup in his crate at regular one-to-two-hour periods.  Do not leave him for more than 3 hours at first.  Praise, praise, praise him, when in does as you asked!

Take the crate into your bedroom at nighttime. Not only does this provide the pup with comfort and security, it’ll teach him that this is where the pack sleeps at night.   And, you are there to take care of him when he’s fussy.  Remember, he’s just a baby.

Pen training can be done, but it can undermine your crate training. This is because of the dogs become accustomed to pooping and peeing inside their larger living/sleeping quarters and it’s a difficult habit to break.

Wait until he is calm before you take him out.  You can give him a chew toy that is specific for when he’s in his  crate. And make sure have a blanket for your chiwawa baby.  They like to dig underneath to make a warm den for themselves and are constantly on the chilly side.  Make sure you give plenty of praise when he is inside his crate, being quite.  Little by little lengthening the intervals he is left alone.

To achieve success, it’s up to you to prevent your pup from making boo boo’s. And that means you have to be consistent with your dog. A lot of people penalize a dog for messing in the home, but when he goes outside they never provide any favorable praise.  This is key.  Always praise the good.

With patience and being consistent your new Chiwawa pup will soon be potty trained the right away. All the work you put in in these first few weeks will provide benefits for a long time.

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